Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Inside My Beauty Bag: Lake Cabin Edition

Getting in touch with my inner Minnesotan
Every so often, I write about which Nature of Beauty products have been calling my name lately. Being the spoiled product junkie that I am, I rarely use the same set of products two days in a row, but there are usually a few that manage to find their way into my daily routine. And then there is our annual family trip up to Crow Wing Crest Lodge; a quiet, no-frills eco-resort in Northern Minnesota, where we rent a spacious yet rustic cabin. Bringing my entire stash wouldn’t make sense, so I boil it down to the basics, bringing only those things I cannot imagine living without. I also have to pack essential supplies for my two daughters, my husband, and my parents. It’s a great excuse to pack a ton of extra products I just want to have…because you never know, right?

Here is what made the cut this year:

We always take our trip up north during Solstice week, which means some seriously powerful sun action. This year was sunnier than usual, making it the perfect week to test our new brand of sunscreen, Elemental Herbs. My husband and the kids wore Elemental Herbs Kids Sunscreen SPF 33 every day, and nary a sunburn was to be found on any of them. Although it is thick – like all non-nano sunscreens with a high SPF – it never felt greasy, and didn’t look white on any of them, including on my Ethiopian-born 1st grader.

I, too, escaped without so much as a hint of red, using Soleil Organique Body SPF45 and Soleil Organique Environmental Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF20. I think it’s worth noting that even with my uber-fair skin, on the water, under a cloudless sky, on the most powerful sun-day of the year, SPF 20 protected my face completely. 

Cleaning Up:
At risk of sounding like a broken record, Keys Care dominates the family Clean-Up Kit whenever we go on vacation. Keys Galleon soap is the perfect lakewater/sunscreen/bug spray/fish slime remover. RediCare Spray went on all mosquito bites, both to help heal and minimize the itch. MetaCare was perfect for scratches, and did wonders for a bug event of undetermined origin on my knee that became infected. Tortuga took care of all sun-induced dryness. My youngest daughter’s face also got super-dry from all the sun exposure, so I exfoliated it with a bit of Brand New Day from One Love Organics, followed by their Skin Savior (at the ripe ol’ age of 6, this girl loves getting facials, so it was also a fun mother-daughter bonding thing for us).

Beauty Maintenance:
While I may prefer to keep it simple while up north, that doesn’t mean I just let it all slide. The products I bring need to keep the outdoors out of my pores, soothe any irritation from lake water and bug spray, but not increase my skin’s sensitivity to the sun. This year, I turned to my original favorite cleanser, Organoderm. As always, it leaves my skin super-clean, but not over-stripped. Every other day, I also exfoliated with OLO’s Brand New Day, since I opted not to bring my Clarisonic this time. After the cleanse, I applied Keys ProBiome, and Vitamin E Eye Balm by Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics.  In the morning, I skipped cleanser (as I almost always do in the a.m.), and instead soaked a cotton round with Dr. Alkaitis Herbal Toner, to refresh, calm, and prep the skin before applying sunscreen.

A Hint of Color:
Alas, I have yet to reach that level of self-actualization that would allow me to confidently vacation sans maquillage. That being said, I have managed to whittle down what I think I “need” to just a few key items. First, let me say how much I am LOVING Herbal Elements new Tinted Lip Balm with SPF18. These long-wearing, richly pigmented balms would be my favorite tinted lippies even if they didn’t have an SPF. But considering I have colorless lips that are highly susceptible to sunburn (and I hate sunburnt lips!), having a 100% natural tinted SPF lip balm has been a godsend.  My favorite shade is Mountain Creek - a lovely mauve that is neither too pink nor too red. The other daily staple was a light layer of Zuzu Luxe Pressed Powder Foundation. To be honest, I think this is just good sun hygiene, as the powder seems to help set the sunscreen, while also adding another layer of protection, with an SPF factor of about 18. If we were heading out for pizza at the nearby eatery, I would add just a bit of rms beauty lip2cheek in promise, and a layer of Logona Natural Mascara in Brown.

Speaking of a hint of color, I should mention that before leaving for our trip, I spared my fellow vacationers from my snow-colored legs by applying Chocolate Sun Cocoa Glow in Medium from the waist down, and Cocoa Glow Light on my face, chest, and arms. You’re welcome, everyone.

So there you have it! My 2013 summer vacation collection. What about you? Do you have any summer favorites you think I should include next time I head some place warm and sunny?


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