Thursday, July 12, 2012

What I'm wearing this Summer (and maybe you should be, too!)

by Terri Bly, Nature of Beauty founder

Every so often, I like to share with our readers which products I'm reaching for these days, since I tend to change things up quite a bit, and may currently be playing with products you haven't yet considered! With that, here are my current faves:

To Clean: With record high heat, I'm more dependent on my Clarisonic than ever before. To make sure I remove all layers of sweat, dirt, makeup, and whatever else is floating around in this stifling heat, I pair it with Naturopathica's Aloe Cleansing Gel. Nary a blemish to be found - it's a midsummer miracle!

To Protect: I've been using Soleil Organique all summer, and couldn't be more impressed. Whether I'm in the garden, on a bike ride, even at the water park in the middle of the afternoon, I've escaped all signs of sunburn. LOVE! I use the SPF20 for every day, and the SPF45 at the pool. I also used the Eye Protection cream every morning and night.

To Firm, Brighten, and Clarify: Most of us associate Keys Care with sun protection and rash healing. You may be as surprised as I was, then, to learn about their latest offering, Reflex ProBiome. I honestly don't recall the last time my complexion improved so quickly after starting a new product. If you can get past the strong smell of cumin, your complexion will thank you for trying out this miracle serum. I will say more in a separate post soon, but my face looked markedly clearer and brighter within days. It's not the least bit oily, and goes easily under a night or day cream. It's aaaaamazing. 

To Moisturize: Odacite Night Antioxidant Serum. Also lightweight, I found this to pair brilliantly with the ProBiome (it also makes the cumin smell go away). The lightweight lotion provides the perfect amount of moisture, while helping firm and repair any damage I may have done that day at the water park.

To Tan: Chocolate Sun. Because there isn't anything better out there. I use the Light version, since the Medium and Dark really deliver quite a bit of color - too much for someone born with skin that could double as camouflage in a snow drift. Before applying, I exfoliate with Naturopathica's Espresso Mud Body Scrub.

To Beautify: I don't like wearing makeup when it's over 90 degrees. Period. However, when you run a beauty store, you're expected to look at least a little better than when you first rolled out of bed.

Since I usually can't bear the thought of applying liquid foundation when my face is already plenty "dewy," I reach instead for Alima Satin Matte Foundation. I then dust on a bit of Couleur Caramel Finishing Powder in 03 (doubles as a great bronzer for fair skin), and Alima Pure Blush in Leigh.

The other look I've been sporting pairs Couleur Caramels' Compact Stick Foundation with rms beauty's lip2cheek in promise (far and away my favorite cream blush ever). The look is maybe less matte, and has a nice "fresh" finish. Very natural, but still refined.

For eye makeup, I am loving Jane Iredale shadow in Dawn all over the lid, with Couleur Caramel's matte shadow in yellow beige 08 on the brow bone, blended down. If I'm feeling fancy, I will add my new absolute favorite shade of eye liner, Couleur's eye pencil in 33 Pearly Taupe. Gorgeous shade, and will look great on just about anyone. I alternate between Couleur Caramel mascara in Plum 04 (a new Nature of Beauty staff favorite), and Logona's Natural Mascara in Brown for a softer, more natural look.

Finally, for lips, I usually just toss a Crazy Rumors tinted lip balm in Coral in my purse or pocket. If I'm in the mood to doll things up a bit, I've been having fun with bright reds this summer, and my favorite new look starts with Couleur lip pencil as the base, then Logona lipstick in Strawberry 03, & topped off with Zuzu lip gloss in Crystal. Very fun, very trendy, and the perfect look for an evening out with friends, sipping margaritas on the rooftop patio of your favorite summer bistro.


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