Sunday, May 16, 2010

Introducing Palette By Nature (with my own personal review)

UPDATE (2/15/12): Please see additional tips based on more personal experience and feedback from customers at the end of this post. 

Confession time: About twice a year, up until 3 months ago, I was using chemical hair color. My reasoning (excuse?) was that all-natural hair color - and by the way, this includes nearly all the stuff at Whole Foods, as they have the known carcinogen PPD in them as well - did a poor job covering grey. Yes, I have some salt and pepper action going on, and no, I don't want to talk about it. I do, however, like to keep it hidden.

Unfortunately, from what my customers have told me, even Logona - considered the best of the 100% natural hair color brands - took a good 2 boxes to get noticably rich color, and left a lot to be desired when it came to covering grey (often turning it orange - not really my thing).

Let's not belabor this "eco-confession," however, and instead get to the point of my story. Today I finally gathered the courage to try Palette by Nature, one of our latest additions to The Nature of Beauty, after my brave testers came back with rave reviews (terrible, I know, to ask others to do what I myself couldn't). I documented the process, complete with pictures to show you.

Here are my before pictures. As you can see, my hair color reflects my ambivalent, and thus inconsistent, approach to coloring it, with a rather unforunate mix of dishwater blond, brown, auburn, and grey.

Before showing you the post-color results, I thought I'd first review the process. I combed the pre-color base through my hair in sections. It has a nice aloe scent, and is easy to apply. It took nearly the entire bottle to saturate my extremely thick hair, and I had to use both my hair color comb and my gloved fingers to ensure all strands were coated.
I then blended two colors to get the shade I wanted. I feared the 7N would be too light (you cannot lighten your hair with PBN), and the 6N looked a bit dark, so I mixed them, using half of each bottle. You can save all unused color for the next time, meaning you won't be wasting anything if you buy two boxes. The color application was also easy, with the only slight concern being that with hair already coated with the base, it was hard to tell for sure whether I had missed any areas. I had to be very aware of where the color was going. The scent, again, was quite pleasant.
Probably the most labor-intensive part came next. I applied the deeply attractive plastic bag over my hair as instructed (notice the absence of photos of me wearing the cap), and then every 5 minutes until I was done, I went over the top of it with my blow dryer set on Hot. It occurred to me, though, that if it's a sunny day and you a) have a privacy fence or, b) possess a devil-may-care attitude, you could bring some reading material outside and sit in the direct sun for 45 minutes, which would be way more fun (just wear sunscreen, please), and would do an excellent job of keeping both cap and hair beneath it heated.

The rest went as you would expect. I rinsed it out in the shower, then washed and conditioned with Intelligent Nutrients color-safe Harmonic Shampoo and Conditioner. And here is what I got:

Yes, it's a bit darker than before, but it's also the first day after coloring, and I'm guessing it will lighten up a bit after a few washes. Even if it doesn't, I'm absolutely loving the results. My hair looks great, it feels great, the color is even and rich, and the grey is nearly 100% gone. To be perfectly honest, it worked way better than I expected it to. It worked as well, if not better, than the toxin-filled nastiness I used before, meaning I will never be tempted again to reach for Cancer In A Box when my hair is in need of some pizazz.

UPDATE: We have now sold over one hundred boxes of Palette by Nature, and have received a great deal of feedback. I have also had the privilege to speak with Alex, the line's creator, when he came by the store to deliver product, educate me further about the hair color, and answer my questions. Based on my own repeated experience now with the color, the cumulative feedback from customers, and Alex's input, I have found the following tips to be most useful when it comes to getting the most of our Palette by Nature color:

  1. Use a fine tooth comb. I truly believe Logona's color applicator brush is the best one I have found for this purpose. Your colorist may tell you that it's harmful to comb hair color through the hair, but that only applies to product with PPD. With a color-depositing product like PbyN, you want to comb it through to coat as many hair strands as thoroughly as possible. 
  2. You can save whatever color you don't use, even if it you have combined colors. Just put the cap back on, and store it a nice, dry location until the next time you color your hair. 
  3. Use heat, ideally a hot blow dryer or a sit-under-it dryer like you'd find at a salon. Heat is your best friend with this product, as it activates the color and helps bind it to the cuticle. 
  4. Apply the color several times during the processing phase to gray hair for better coverage. You can use a gloved finger or two to reapply the dye to the temples, roots, etc. while the color is taking hold. Just be sure to apply a good cleansing lotion or gel around the hair line to prevent dying the skin. 
  5. Don't rub the product into the scalp. You will end up with color patches on your scalp. 
  6. Know that the color and condition of the hair cuticle determines the final result. If you have had your hair chemically-colored (and yes, that applies to pretty much everything you'll find at the local co-op as well), the cuticle has sustained damage, period. And that damage will effect the way the hair color looks. You may have areas of the hair that are more damaged than others, and the damaged parts may take on a color that has a "coal" undertone. This also means, however, that as you grow out your hair, and healthy hair takes over as the damaged hair is cut off, you will get better results with each application. 
  7. If the hair seems too dark, or has a "coal" undertone, consider mixing in one of the GD shades. I do this all the time now, as I find the GD shades really brighten up the color. If you want some reddish tone to it, consider using a Chestnut shade. 
  8. Use a good, color-safe shampoo and conditioner. I'm not kidding here. Consider IN's Harmonic Shampoo and Conditioner, or Rare El'ements Shampoo & Conditioner, which were all created specifically to be gentle on color treated hair. Otherwise, your color will not last nearly as long, and you may find the color altering a bit as aspects of it are stripped away by the shampoo in particular. 
  9. Keep it in perspective. This is not a chemical color product, which means nothing opens the cuticle and lifts the existing color out. I know you really want 100% of the gray to go away, and I know you really want beautiful blond hair instead of dishwater blond hair (me too!), and I know that before, with the other stuff, you were able to achieve a golden brown hue with some pretty highlights. I wish as much as any of you that this were all possible. The fact is, however, that you may have to decide how badly you want it all. This is far and away the best PPD-free, 100% natural hair color system on the market today, but it will have some limits, because it does not use PPD. That is why PPD is still freely sold around the world, despite the fact that everyone in the industry freely admits it's toxic (why do you think they tell you not to color your hair when you're pregnant?). In the end, it comes down to what you want more: Healthy, beautiful hair with nice, rich color - although perhaps not the exact one you want and with a few gray hairs at the temple or peeking through at the root - OR beautiful, perfectly dyed (yet damaged) hair, and an increased risk of developing an irreversible allergic reaction to a highly carcinogenic chemical. 
  10. I have had a number of customers decide against trying Palette by Nature because they don't like the idea of having to hold a hair dryer to their head for 35-40 minutes. Personally speaking, it seems a small price to pay, but if it's enough to dissuade you from tossing the toxins, let me suggest something my mother gave me for Christmas. She got one for herself, because she also uses Palette by Nature, and thought I would like it as well. She was correct! It's perhaps the least sexy beauty accessory I have ever owned, so I don't recommend coloring your hair when there's a possibility Colin Firth may be stopping by for tea. Otherwise, it's a brilliant purchase. You just pop the dryer's bonnet over the plastic cap that comes with the dye, fire it up, and you've got 40 minutes of guilt-free Internet time while your hands-free dryer does the work.  
NEW! Tips from Palette by Nature for coloring gray roots and/or resistent gray hair! (updated 2/15/12)

Just about every day, we receive emails, phone calls, and visits from customers wanting to know how to best deal with resistent gray hair, or gray roots that don't want to blend with the rest of their hair. Well, Palette by Nature just sent all of us a Valentine's Day present (they love us! they really love us!) with these fantastic tips for glamming the grays.

  1. Apply ALL NATURAL BASE to roots or resistant gray areas by lightly squeezing applicator bottle and comb through with comb or hair coloring brush making certain that hair is completely saturated. 
  2. Apply ALL NATURAL COLORANT on top of ALL NATURAL BASE by lightly squeezing applicator bottle and comb through with comb, making certain that hair is completely saturated. 
  3. Apply direct medium/high heat with blow dryer (do not put plastic cap on) for 10 minutes. Color will become thicker (it is normal). DO NOT RINSE COLOR.
  4. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 above. If you need to color an entire head, repeat Steps 1 and 2 above  for entire hair starting with roots first and continue combing through with comb or hair coloring brush until an entire hair is saturated well with  ALL NATURAL BASE first and then with ALL NATURAL COLORANT . 
  5. Apply direct medium/high heat with blow dryer (put plastic cap on) for 30 minutes. You can take a few 5  minutes rests throughout the entire processing time.    
  6. Rinse hair thoroughly with Color Protective Cleansing Gel and  Conditioner.
  7. Dry hair and style  as usual (Color Protective Styling Gel is recommended).


jean9 said...

As usual, your blogs are friendly, honest and witty, but this one takes it to a whole new level. An experience at NOB is like dealing with your best girlfriends, not some faceless company. And... your hair is gorgeous. For the first time, I'm tempted to try to cover my gray. Great work!

The Nature of Beauty said...

That is perhaps the nicest thing anyone has said about me and The Nature of Beauty! Thank you so much for your lovely compliment. I am so thrilled you feel that way about our company.

Karla said...

I just read your blog on using the Palette By Nature color, and wanted to ask you a couple of questions. I recently opened an organic hair salon and I am thinking about using Palette By Nature for my clients who color their hair every four to six weeks. I would like to stop using all petroleum based dyes on the scalp. I am trying to gather as much information as I can. I was wondering if I could get your feedback.
How long did the color last for you? When did it start to fade? Are you still using it and what percentage of gray do you have?
I would really appreciate your feedback.

The Nature of Beauty said...

The color has started to fade after about 6 weeks for me, and most of the customers I've spoken with say the same. I didn't really notice a fading process, but that could just be me not paying attention! I just noticed one day that it needed another color application!

I am about 25-30% gray now. Even writing that makes me cringe a little, but it is what it is! My mom has been using the product for a few months now, though, and she's more like 60% gray, and it covers her gray really, really well (almost 100%).

Chrissy Coleman Miles said...
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Chris said...

Your info about Palette by Nature is very informative and helpful! I have couple of questions. First, if I want the best gray coverage possible at the roots and don't have a sensitive scalp, is it better to apply color when my hair has just been washed or to wait a day or two? Second, is it ok to mix Chestnut with 6N and 5N? The mixing chart on the PBN website makes it look like it wouldn't work and that the Chestnut color would only work with blonde color/hair. Thank you!

Lindsay said...

I have used Palette by Nature two times. I was not happy the first time, using 8N but glad to be rid of the chemicals. My hair was too dark, my scalp was stained and the gray coverage was not good. The second time I switched to 9N and 10N. This was better although still not the right color. The gray coverage was better so perhaps it's true that coverage is cumulative.
I do have a problem with the company who does not advise well if responding to emails at all. No return phone calls despite the posted phone number on the site.
I was reading your blog and wondering what the pre-color base is that you mentioned you put on your hair before the color. Is that the cleansing lotion?
Thanks for the good info. I may try it again.

Messenger said...


First, your hair looks amazing, very natural looking, luv it!

Q_ I have been using Tints of Nature, and love it, but their "5d", Light Golden Brown is really very dark brown, too dark, I want to switch asap. Will Palettes cover heavy grey? Also, the ingredients in their web-site says 50% organic, what is the other 50%?

btw..Tints if Nature has only 0.62% ppd


Seema said...

I have had a very different experience with PBN.I am a Dermatologist and I recommended PBN to my patients who had PPD allergy.I had to make the product available at my Clinic as it is not available in my country.Even after following all the instructions very carefully,the result was absolutely not acceptable.The patients were dissatisfied and I was dissatisfied.Yes,the shampoo and conditioner by PBN are very good but the color has absolutely no result.

The Nature of Beauty said...

I am sorry you and your patients are not experiencing positive results with the Palette by Nature. That being said, we've now sold over 200 boxes of it, and yours is the only feedback like it I've received. I have used it myself about 10 times now, always with the same positive (albeit a little darker than it would be in my perfect universe) results. Are you sure your are using Palette by Nature? There are quite a few hair color brands with similar names.

I would be happy to discuss your experience by phone, so please email me at if you'd like to talk about PbN further.

The Nature of Beauty said...

re: Messenger's comments.

The other 50% are still all-natural, just not certified organic. Think organic grapes vs. conventional grapes or, in some cases, those all-natural grade fruit snacks you can get at Whole Foods.

Even .62% PPD is highly toxic. When color chemists are handling even a small vial of PPD, they have to wear full hazmat gear, if that gives you an idea of how toxic the stuff is. An allergic reaction occurs even at those small amounts, and only gets worse with each application. So for those with PPD allergies, it doesn't matter if the quantity is minimal - it can still cause blisters, severe burns, etc.

sasha said...

really informative post,gives good knowledge about plattelet..thanks. spa and saloons

cew said...

I'm very interested in trying this product. My natural hair color is light to medium blond and 25% white. What result can I expect on my white hair if I use one of the lighter shades of blond, 9N? Or possibly 8N?

mary lou said...

pallete by nature is GARBAGE. its a scam. I have only 10% gray hairs and i used an entire bottle. I even bought a bonnet to use with my blowdryer. i blow dryed the pallete by nature dye on my head for 45 minutes on high. My head felt like it was on fire because of the heat. I thought it would come out great but none of the hair got colored in. by the way the hair dye is perfect for dying the skin but not the hair. I had to use the special cleanser they gave to remove the dye from my skin and it really stinged and irritated my skin. this product is terrible. A week later i colored with revlon and all 100% gray covered in 25 minutes. i bought revlon for 2.99. pallete by nature is a scam, they play on your fear of cancer to sell you a product that does not work. please save your self the trouble and be realistic. look at their returns policy. it speaks louder than any comment. they themselves don't believe in their product because there is no 100 % satisfaction guarantee. also they charge restocking fee.

The Nature of Beauty said...

Wow, I am sorry you had such a bad experience, Mary Lou. While I know it does not cover 100% gray hair on 100% of people, to call it a scam is unnecessarily strong.

I use it, my mom uses it, hundreds of our customers use it, their hair looks great, and I have always been happy with my results as well. Yes, it has its limits due to the lack of PPD, but it is much better than the few other PPD-free options out there.

Revlon hair color uses PPD and powerful chemicals which even the FDA acknowledges increase one's risk for cancer. Those chemicals lift the existing color from the hair shaft and deposit new color inside the hair cuticle. Palette deposits hair color onto the hair shaft, thus relying on the hair's ability to absorb the color.

More importantly, many of our Palette customers use the product because they have developed a severe allergy to PPD. They do not have a choice, so fear is not an issue. So again, to call this brand a scam is unfair and unwarranted. The creators of this brand were the color chemists behind Aveda's Color Konserve line, and are extremely knowledgeable. They are also doing their best to develop new technology which will improve the product's performance, without compromising the safety of the women and men who use it.

I stand by this product, and my review.

Kristina Nicole said...

I am really excited to have come across this product and have not seen many reviews for it, so it must be new! My hair is nautrally blonde, but I chose a lighter blonde. After reading that the color needs to sit on my hair for 45 minutes, I find that this is a bit long. What do you recommend for me? I'm just coloring my roots :)

I'm a bit nervous that the box recommended to do an allergy test, why is this? There isn't any PPD and it's organic..please educate me.

-Also, I would love to do a Youtube review of this product, since there aren't any..if you're willing to sponsor me or something. :)

Kristina Nicole said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lisa C said...

Hi, I came across your review while looking for a PPD free hair dye. I have had 2 severe allergic reactions to hair dye with PPD. Recently I tried naturigin which has ''minimal' levels of PPD. It burned my scalp putting it on and I only left it on for half the suggested time. While I loved the colour result my hair was very very dry despite applying a deep conditioner. The next day my scalp broke out in sore blisters and while the reaction was nothing as severe as previous reactions, my scalp was sore with oozing blisters for about 5 days. I would love to try this product and have a couple of questions. does it dry the hair? Also, my colour is dark chocolate brown with natural lighter tones. What colour or colours should I use of Pallette colours? (From Ireland hence the spelling 'colour' ! Thanking you.

Susan said...

Hi, I have several boxes of the Palette by Nature gray blending for blonde hair and gold splash color shampoo. I'd be happy to ship to someone for free. Hate to waste if it'll help someone else. This brand doesn't cover my gray and I don't have much gray hair yet. Obviously some people's gray it does cover for some reason. If someone would like to try it I'm more than happy to pass on. If you have lighter hair or highlighted hair, I suggest you test a small section of your hair. Made my hair darker. I have mousy dark blonde/lt brown hair.

WBB said...

Hi. I'm 56, male, very fit-etc,etc.. my light brown hair is now mostly gray. My friends tell me that the gray looks fine/good/distinguished. I think it makes me look kind of old! I'm looking for a product that's each to use and won't cause a dramatic overnight color change. I'd like to color away some of the gray-but do it very gradually. Does this product work well for men? Would you recommend it for me, or is there another product that may work better. I definitely want a product that's all natural. Thank you!

Susan said...

Hi, WBB. Palette by Nature is very natural looking and therefore very much suitable for men as well as women. The Gray Blending System is very gradual. You need to keep reapplying the product to see a difference. Email me if you'd like me to mail them to you free of charge. I have several unopened boxes because I was enthusiastic about the product, but it's just not a good fit for me.

Susan said...

unless you want your hair all over to become darker, i would stay away from Palette by Nature's cleansing gel and conditioner after use of their products. while they may help maintain the color, they also create another level of darker color. i did't want to become brunette and i did after using their permanent colors, shampoo, and gray blending. their shampoo has rosemary in it which also helps cover gray but at the same time darkens the rest of your hair. it is wonderful though that if PBN works for you, it is completely healthy and natural. so if you're on the border of dark blonde to brown hair and don't want to become deep brown, don't use their cleansing gel and conditioner.

Chrystel said...

Sitting under the heat bonnet as I type :)

I bought the colour shade 6N (light brown) PbN last week and received it pronto! :)

I am on the path to natural living and I LOVE that I came accross your blog! You made me want to try this hair colour!!

The process is easy.. I mean I am very bad at doing my own hair, so colouring my hair is always comical in my bathroom.. I have no idea what i'm doing, where i'm putting the product.... hahha! But this happens with every hair colour! ;)

I will post back with the results!! so far so good. No itching, no weird feeling (I've had many allergic reacting with in-salon colours...)

but.. a girl has to hide the grey, doesn't she?? ;) So I am gladely trying out PbN!

Keep on blogging! I love it!

Chrystel said...

Alright.. So my hair is too dark... It is missing pretty highlights and undertones...

Any idea when to do another one? Can I do them back to back?

This time, I may mix 5GD (medium golden brown) and 6CB (light chestnut brown)

My natural hair color is medium blond with reddish highlights...

But I am excited about this product!! No allergic reactionat all!!! Yay!!!

The Nature of Beauty said...

Thanks so much for posting your experience with PbN! And yes, their shades consistently run dark. I always recommend mixing in a GD and/or CB with every N. N's on their own can look almost charcoal color for most people. The GD should bring back those warm undertones. You can also try the GD's on their own, too. That's what I do now, and I always love the results. Thanks again for your posts!

Dooger Cat said...

I just tried PBN last night and I'm pleased with the results! I had a few dark patches on my scalp but lemon juice whisked that away with no problem. My question is can I treat my silver roots instead of doing my entire head each time? My hair grows so fast that I've been coloring every 2-3 weeks (expensive I know!)and I would like to just 'touch up' instead of doing my whole head. Thanks, Elizabeth

thepruittcrew said...

Has anyone gone back to highlights or regular chemical color after using PoN? Are those metallic salts in the ingredients? I have heard that ones hair can melt off or turn green if you try to use regular color after using products with metallic salts. Can anyone address this question?


Gina G said...

I recently tried Palette by Nature twice in two different salons (following the instructions) and they didn't cover up any grey hair... Not only did it not work, but it also left my scalp with black spots and my hair black. Also it is extremely tangled and it feels really dry. Is it normal??

I am 26 years old and have a lot of grey hair, I am also extremely allergic to PPD so you can imagine how disappointed I am...

I live in Mexico City and it took a long while to get these products (plus a lot of money).

The Nature of Beauty said...

With regard to the "metallic salts" question, Palette by Nature sent the following reply:

Our products contain no heavy metals or toxic metallic salts. Our patented technology assumes no use of salts of heavy metals that can cause hair damage when reactive product are used ( permanent hair color, bleach or perm). You can use conventional hair colors or do highlights after using our products.

Events Industyr Skillnet said...

I was on the PBN site and it lists a small quantity of PPD for the darker colours - I was looking at 4N - what is your opinion on that? I am searching so hard for a good safe colour that is non-toxic someone invent one pleeeease

sallycinnamon said...

Palette by Nature ruined my hair. I followed the instructions exactly yet it left it extremely dry, tangled and my scalp was completely black. I had to cut 6cm of my lovely long hair because the tangles would not come out. It damaged my hair. Never again.

trent said...

I loved the product. Remember this people, you must follow the instructions. Some of the negative comments suggest you did not. For me personally, this is much better than having blisters all over my neck and ears. If it is helpful, I did use a skull cap so I could control the coverage. I want some s&p just not a lot. I will definitely use this product again.

SUE C said...

I recently purchased PbN but haven't used it yet. I also purchased the Conair hair bonnet to use. I wanted to review all comments and be sure how to use the product. I am 56 years old and luckily have about 10-15% gray but am not worried about gray. I have always been a light blonde (orignally natural). I suddenly had a horrible reaction after having my hair colored at the hair salon. My scalp itched then blistered, then dryed terriblly for 5 weeks....dry flakes...gross. I had always use Loreal at home and never had a problem but could no longer achieve the color I wanted. I am so scared of the 'orange' comments I have read. I also wanted to know if the Ns dyed skin also like around the hair line etc. I anyone has a comment please help me.

Kris said...

Palette by Nature...Personal Review
I don’ t agree with or dispute any claims made in this article/blog. But I’m hoping my comments might help others who find themselves like me severely allergic to dyes and perfumes. This allergy diagnosis literally changed my life a few years ago not only in the products I used on my hair and body but also the products I used for laundry, foods containing dyes I could no longer eat or in high moderation etc. Now to my hair….I went completely grey, nearly white in my mid to late twenties and had chemically colored my hair on a regular basis since then at age 50. Unfortunately, I had to completely, cold turkey, stop because of what the allergy was doing to my skin. While my inner person never changed my outer person and my thoughts of my personal appearance changed dramatically. I hated how I looked and I felt like I was 70 instead of 50. Palette by Nature has totally saved me and how I felt about myself. I started with one color and it wasn’t quite the color I wanted to then purchased two different colors and mix them together to achieve the color I want. I have a friend who is a cosmetologist so I take the product to her and she applies and I set under her dryer to activate the color. If I didn’t have this option I would most definitely purchase a bonnet dryer and still do it myself.
Now, here are a couple of tricks we’ve learned along the way:
1) Sit under the dryer for about 15-20 minutes to activate the coloring process. Turn the dryer off for about 10 minutes to let the color set and the product cool down. Finally turn the dryer back on for another 15-20 minutes to activate the color a second time.
2) Rinse out the product. DO NOT use the cleanser product that comes in the box as I have found that it rinses away too much of the color. Use a SMALL amount of shampoo (theirs or brand of your choosing) to finish rinsing the product out.
With those two tricks I have found that this product while no does not last as long as the traditional chemical coloring products will last about 6 weeks. One thing I really like is that the color fades away rather than grows away as the chemical coloring products do so I don’t experience that regrowth color line at the roots so much.
Thanks for letting me give you my thoughts and as I said I hope that this will only help someone else in my same situation or someone looking for an alternative to chemical hair colors.

Dot R said...

Hi. I have gone through and read all the comments and your original blog on Palette by Nature. I purchased the product a month or so ago, but haven't used it yet. Last week, I dyed my hair with regular Clairol Nice n Easy I've used for around 5-6 years. I had a terrible respiratory reaction for the first time. Scared me very much. I called Clairol company and reported this and also talked with their nurse. She said for me to not use anymore hair dyes because they all have the same stuff in them and we don't know which ingredient I had that allergic respiratory reaction to. But, I see Palette by Nature's ingredients, and don't see the terrible chemical names in them that I have seen in others I've researched and used in the past.

My only concern about using Palette by Nature is how dark it's going to make my medium to light brown hair. Right now, my hair is colored Natural Light Ash Brown, and I love the color, but I can't use it again. I purchased the 5TO - Medium Toffee Brown. Is this going to come out black? I hope not. I'm hesitant to try it in the next 2-3 months when my present hair color fades.

Also, I have fine, thin hair, and there is a bit of a concern on staining my scalp. Any advice or suggestions on color choice and scalp issues would be appreciated. Thanks.

The Nature of Beauty said...

Trying to keep up with the comments and questions! Here we go:

Events: There is no PPD at all in the 4N, not sure where you are seeing otherwise. PbN is 100% PPD and PTT free.

Sallycinnamon: I'm sorry to hear about your results. I will say that I do not often recommend 4N, except for those with black hair. While I'm not sure why the hair was so tangled, the color on the scalp is definitely something we hear about. Be sure to use a comb when applying. Many people continue to use a brush, and color ends up on the scalp. The best way is to apply to the roots but not the scalp, an then use a fine tooth comb to comb the product down the hair shaft.

3) Sue C: We haven't had any orange hair complaints. Where are you hearing that? The biggest complaints are that the color is too dark, which is why I recommend going a shade lighter than you usually use.

4) Kris, I'm so glad you have found a system that works, and that you are happy with the product! And thank you so much for the tips!

5) Dot, I think the 5TO may be too dark. My recommendation is almost always to start with 7GD and take it from there. Few people have had bad results with 7GD. Once you see what that shade does, you can customize. And lemon juice will remove any stains from skin or scalp.

Dina Hady said...

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Cutis Medical said...

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Panda said...
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Panda said...

I agree with May Lou entirely. This product doesn't cover gray but instead leaves dark spots on the scalp which look frightening and disgusting and are very difficult and slow to remove. My child was appalled by my appearance. Don't waste your money on what is really no better than a scam.

Wilson said...

Does you hair color contain PTD? I have heard that is an agent similar to PPD.

Mary said...

Love it

Sumathi Kannan said...

I used PBT 4N and I religiously followed all the directions I used twice within a span of 1 day and still did not see any results. My gray still remains the same. I am 30 % gray. Please help me. The only good thing about this product is I did not develop any allergic reaction. I am supersensitive to PPD. Please help me and give me suggestions so that I achieve 100 % gray coverage.

Go Away With Jae said...

Hi, I was so looking forward to using this product. But after trying it today, I cannot recommend it to anyone. I actually had a scientist assist me so that I can go on record with this when I write my review. After following all the instructions, the end result was that my hair was exactly the same as it was prior to using the product--only frizzier. It didn't color any of my hair at all. As a previous poster had stated, there is no money back guarantee and a hefty restocking fee.

Le Chat said...

I would like to purchase this product in Canada, is there any supplier other than the official website? Thank you