Saturday, September 5, 2009

We're Launching A Revolution!

In the last year, since launching, there have been many highlights. But without question, at or near the top of the list has to be receiving an email from Revolution Organic's Alexandra Zanella asking if The Nature of Beauty was interested in adding their products to our growing family of top natural and organic beauty products.

Usually, we take our time to thoroughly test a product line and evaluate its fit within our current lineup. Or at least wait a day or two before saying anything that resembles a commitment. Not so with Revolution Organics. It's sort of like if Hugh Jackman shows up at your door and asks you to dinner. You don't ask him to come back later so that you can reflect on whether you have room in your life for a tall, talented, and strikingly handsome movie star. Revolution Organics products are just about as pretty as Hugh Jackman, and your significant other won't mind nearly as much if you fall in love with them. To summarize: We said yes immediately, no thinking necessary. And Hugh? That applies to you, too, with the dinner thing.

I had planned on waiting to post about the launch of Revolution Organics until the new home page design was ready to go, complete with a stunning intro to the product line, but I just couldn't do it. The news is simply too exciting to sit on. So please, check out their USDA Certified Organic Skin Care Trio today, as well as their stunning Freedom Lip Glosses and Freedom Glow Balms. But don't forget to come back in a few days to admire our new & improved website. It will be more modern, brighter, easier to find what you're looking for, and just plain prettier.

Oh, and lest our other new addition get totally upstaged by Revolution Organics, I want to make sure you know we now offer EcoTools makeup brushes, including their 6-piece collection! Not only are these brushes made with recycled materials, sustainable bamboo, and animal-free takelon bristles, they are also more affordable than seems reasonable. Even better, they consistently receive rave reviews from eco-friendly and mainstream beauty mags alike. So be sure to grab a few next time you purchase your natural and organic cosmetics at The Nature of Beauty!

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