Friday, September 13, 2013

Farewell from The Nature of Beauty founder, Terri Bly

Five years ago, I launched with one goal: To make it easier for women and men to find top-notch, non-toxic beauty products. At the time, selection was limited, and what was out there could pretty much only be found in natural food markets. After trying to find the right natural mascara with the help of a middle-aged gentleman whose area of expertise was clearly limited to the supplements section of the Health & Wellness Department, I knew something had to be done.

For the past five years, I have worked to build a space where eco beauty lovers like myself could find the products and the guidance they were looking for. I love and am extremely proud of what I have created, and want it to succeed. This is why, last week, I made the extraordinarily difficult decision to sell my company to Jennifer Baskin, the proud new owner of The Nature of Beauty.

Allow me to explain.

Although widely regarded as one of the top online eco-beauty shops anywhere, The Nature of Beauty hasn’t even begun to reach its potential. Both the website and store are still very much rough sketches of what they can be, and what they should be. After months of difficult introspection, I have concluded that the skills and resources needed to take The Nature of Beauty to the next level of success are not ones I would list as my own. It is time for me to pass the torch to someone I think has what it takes to pick up where I left off, and make The Nature of Beauty the best damn green beauty store in the world.  

Which brings us to Jennifer Baskin.

Some of you may have met Jennifer already, as she played an integral role in the creation of our Mendota Heights spa, overseeing much of the initial design and development. In 2011, I wrote a piece about Jennifer on this very blog. An esthetician for nearly ten years, both in private practice and with one of the Twin Cities’ top dermatology clinics, Jennifer comes to The Nature of Beauty with a comprehensive understanding of the latest skin care trends and technologies, along with a passion for natural, organic, and non-toxic beauty products. She brings to her new role an incredible amount of drive, and a ton of great ideas for improving and growing the company. I have the highest hopes that Jennifer will be able to take what I have started and make it a billion times better. I cannot wait to watch it happen.

Before I sign off, I want to thank all of you so very much for your support and enthusiasm for my little company. This experience has given me the opportunity to meet the most amazing, awe-inspiring people, to learn more about myself than I ever thought possible, and at least 3 books and a memoire’s worth of tales to tell. Throughout it all, I was, and forever will be, humbled, grateful, and – to be honest – surprised at how many people from around the world have chosen to shop at The Nature of Beauty. It has been an honor serving all of you, and I hope you will give Jennifer the opportunity to do so as well. For those of you who stopped shopping at The Nature of Beauty on account of my flaws and foibles, I hope you will consider coming back and giving Jennifer the chance to succeed where I did not. Because the best, I can assure you, is yet to come.

Thank you all again, from the very bottom of my heart. 

Terri Elofson Bly

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Inside My Beauty Bag: Lake Cabin Edition

Getting in touch with my inner Minnesotan
Every so often, I write about which Nature of Beauty products have been calling my name lately. Being the spoiled product junkie that I am, I rarely use the same set of products two days in a row, but there are usually a few that manage to find their way into my daily routine. And then there is our annual family trip up to Crow Wing Crest Lodge; a quiet, no-frills eco-resort in Northern Minnesota, where we rent a spacious yet rustic cabin. Bringing my entire stash wouldn’t make sense, so I boil it down to the basics, bringing only those things I cannot imagine living without. I also have to pack essential supplies for my two daughters, my husband, and my parents. It’s a great excuse to pack a ton of extra products I just want to have…because you never know, right?

Here is what made the cut this year:

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Youth in a Bottle: The Nature of Beauty's guide to the most effective anti-aging oils

Image courtesy of National Geographic
Image courtesy of National Geographic
I just turned 40. OK, to be honest, I didn’t so much turn 40 as get dragged there completely against my will kicking and screaming. But you get the idea. In any case, fending off signs of aging before they’re inevitable has recently taken on a new level of importance for me when selecting skin care products. If you can relate, then this article is for you. It's a modified version of the original piece I wrote for, edited to include more recommendations from The Nature of Beauty because, well, because it's my blog, my store, so I can cross promote all I want!
a-hem. As I was saying.
Anti Aging Ingredients You Should KnowTo say we have a lot of choices when it comes to “anti-aging” products is the understatement of the millennium. Whether or not they all work (they don't) is another matter altogether. To get the low-down on what makes for a top-quality, effective elixir of youth, I turned to Valerie Grandury, founder of Odacité, an L.A-based anti-aging skin care line. Grandury is also French. And let’s be honest: if you’re looking for advice on how to look as great as possible, for as long as possible, asking a Frenchwoman  just seems like a smart thing to do, n'est-ce pas?
I also turned to Blissoma founder Julie Longyear, and her invaluable, best-$10-you'll-ever-spend online booklet, Natural Anti-Aging Ingredients You Should Know, available for purchase and download at If you really want to know everything there is to know about what Nature has to offer in the way of anti-aging, in an easy-to-read format, I cannot recommend this booklet highly enough.
In the meantime, I have - with Grandury's and Longyear's invaluable assistance -  honed in on a few important types of ingredients to look for when purchasing your next age-fighting elixir:

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In Love with One Love: Introducing One Love Organics

I normally start these posts with a lengthy introduction to the new brand, and an explanation as to how we came by it. The thing is, with One Love Organics, the products alone offer so much to talk about! This unique line of simple yet potent facial care is unlike anything I've ever tried before. Which is why I think I'm going to just skip straight to the part where I tell you about the products, and why they are going to BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

So. Let's get to it, shall we?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Beauty Muse: Pretty and sweet, just in time for Valentine's Day!

Effortlessly beautiful, simply elegant, sophisticated yet girly, this look defines "pretty," whether you're going out for a lovely Valentine's Day dinner, or pairing it with a beautiful pink satin gown before hitting the red carpet.

Nature of Beauty's own beauty muse, Jill, picked out this look for one of our models. After going through the photos from the session, however, I realized the perfect model for this look would be Jill herself! So yesterday, I convinced her to let me recreate this look on her extraordinarily lovely face. She obliged, and the results...well, you should really see this for yourself:

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bright Lips, Soft Complexion: Get this look (and many more, all week long!)

Did you know The Nature of Beauty carries the largest selection of natural and organic makeup in the US? Every day, we're experimenting with different Couleur eye shadows, trying out Jane Iredale's new blush shades, or helping a customer find the perfect natural substitute for their favorite MAC lipstick. Because we want to include you in the fun, Nature of Beauties Nina and Jill recently selected a few of their favorite looks, grabbed a few volunteers, and away they went!

For the next week, we'll be posting each look, along with tips, recommendations and, of course, a list of everything we used! No professional models, no Photoshop, just 3 lovely ladies and an arsenal of the best natural and organic makeup the world as to offer. Have questions about how to customize it to best suit your complexion? Shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help!

First up: Bright Lips, Soft Complexion

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Ultimate Winter Skin Care Guide from The Nature of Beauty

Well. Winter has arrived, hasn't it? And the evidence is all over your face, in the form of white flakes, redness, and a tight, uncomfortable feeling that seems resistant to all attempts at rehydration.

Lately, we have received a steady stream of of emails and phone calls, to the tune of, "Help! My skin is so dry and nothing seems to make it better!!"

Although we've written posts in the past about saving dry skin, I thought I would pull it all together, throw in some additional resources and product recommendations, creating the Ultimate Guide to winterizing your complexion.